Thursday, 24 December 2009


Dear customer!
I congratulate you with updating!
Thank you for your orders in 2009.
It helps me go to perfection
for best quality and for excellent service.

Sincerely yours,

Sunday, 29 November 2009


This belt has made for wearing
with suede brogues.

The top quality suede is so soft but holds the form perfectly.

Excellent buckle looks like mirror.

Was made especialy for wearing
with Brioni brogues...

...exclussively for Boris

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


24-27 November 2009
The item is unnown. All information about it
If you would like take it please welcome
Three day the item was hide.
The user "SavileRow" from became the winner.
He won multiple prise.
My congratulations to winner!

Friday, 20 November 2009


In the Middle Ages the basic supplies of fabrics on Novgorod land was the Western Europe. Local masters decorated of fabrics by embroidery and by ambroidery with the river perls. The perls were born in local lake Ilmen. Each woman was engaged in embroidery and clothes repair for the family.

Texts of private correspondence have prove that at X-XII centuries there wereready-to-wear enterorises.

The most responcible work in embroidery business was given to a workshop wich located in the Khutynsky monastery.
It was in the Midle Ages and it has remaned today.
The seamstress in the monastery do ceremonial clothes for modern clerics today.
There are the clothes from XV-XVI centuries.
This dresses had belong to archbishop of Novgorod.

Together with clothes manufacture workshops carried out serious art orders.
This is the shroud "Position into a coffin" from midle of the XV century. It is known that about fifty sewmasters worked with it. The work had take about tree years...

Ancient artist represented that that they could see in real life.
Please look as interestingly the icon painter has dressed St.Daniel.

Obviously that artist saw such clothes at the fellow citizens.
But he had not to see the lions. It is the fact...

To be continued...
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Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I would like to present a new product.
It is the Ladies' belt. But it is not a simple belt.
It's a variative belt, belt-riddle,belt-game.
The game with the name "SIBANDO"

You can choose any fashion, any form of dress-code, any season.
SIBANDO can offer to you a worthly variant.

It can be a narrow business belt with no a buckle and with no decorative element. In a second you could complicate it with Japanese buckle-crosspiece. And evening you would like suprematic emotion and your belt will arise "Black rectangle"

All will change tomorrow. Probably the belt like corset will be necessary for you. SIBANDO has this too.

Simplicity and laconicism of basic belts will get you to decide what would be necessary for you. And presence of additions will direct you imagination to realisation your most courageous plans .

It is the first belt on the World wich does not dictate you any conditions.
It make your decision with humiliti, embodies your desires and submissively serves only for you.

Author "SIBANDO" word - Margo A.
Designer - Igor Sem'onov

Saturday, 14 November 2009


Attention please.
I will be in Moscow on November 15, 2009.
I stay in Igor Pronin Fashion House,
Krasnaya Presnia 9, as usually.

If you would like please welcome.
For contact you could use the contact page on my website.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


I live in Velikiy Novgorod.
First word "Velikiy" mens the Great.
The second word "Novgorod" means new city.
This is oldest "new" :-) city of Russian Federation
was found in 859.
And now we have 1150 historical years.
According historians the first russian democrathy was born here.
And olderer Ortodoxal Cathedral was found here too.
This is Saint Sophia Cathedral - the most important cultural object of my city.
I would like to offer small excursion to ancient times for a cognizance of consumption degree in Novgorod.
Let's begin historical walking from Cathedral St. Sophia

Great European finance were exchanged to Russian traditional goods. There were fur, leather and skins, honey, silver. Foreign dialers did supply Nogorod demand on fabrics,
vine, exotic goods e t.c.
Monetary units of many countries had free circulation. But Novgorod had own money.
This is Novgorod rouble XIV-XV centuries. It is a silver ingot wich could be devided into small parts. Very original method of exchanging.

It is boot from X-XV centuries.
A lot of shoetrees for footwear manufacturing been fonded.Technologies of shoemaking are similar to Venetian school. It seems like encient "Blake Papid"

These shoes look like mocassins.

Products made from leather were decorated with elaboration.Tere was a figure stamping and decorative embroidery and procutting of paterns.

It was realy ancient "Haute Couture"

Great money talks needs to have a nice wallets. It is the most oldest wallet from Novgorod Museum. It dates by X-XI centuries.

These are popular models of a wallet from X-XV centuries.

The holders were very important part of equipment.
Each item could have a holder - it is right from ancient times.

Belt buckles for exlusive belts.

There are actors masks from leather.
It should be so fun and stylish...
This some remain me "Friday 13th" movie... But I hope it was fun.

On the fragement of an icon (1467 year) you could see citizens of Novgorod witch are represented have a prayer.

It was the tradition to dress the best clothes for going to Church.
The clothes and shoes are so bright and luxury...
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Sunday, 8 November 2009


SEM'ODAN is a new accessories line
If you would like you can see

This wallet is a second SEM'ODAN item.
The wallet is intended for creator of the word
"sem'odan"Andrey E. from
This is a gift for his creative.
The sentantion "SEM'ODAN EMOTION"
was created by Margo ( levretka).

The surfase of the wallet covered by multilayer
paiting for antiquing effect before krufting.
This process spends about two business day

SEM'ODAN , it is attempt to make the story about immemorial desire to find harmonious existence. The heritage of the Japanese fine art was initially cultural pretext of these subjects.
But having applied simple minimalistic style and doing a choice to refuse traditional Japanese symbols have disappered all thematical borders .
And now you can see what you fantasy
gives to you.
There are wind of steppes and sand of Asia and African desert and Mediterranean sun.

The main theme of the painting could be expressed by orderer.
It would be your name or letter or schematic lanscape.

Black and hot tan, hot orange, hot terracote...
warm, so warm palette.

Do you need some cold?...
Welcome to Japanese mountain lanscape

Photo by Andrey Nikolaev