Thursday, 27 May 2010


Let me introduce a couple of art'IS'on bag.
Both were made for Summer 2010.
The first bag was made by the order for incredible
stylish gentleman from Samara, Russian Federation.

He is the owner of DA-I-NET resource.
I love going sometimes to da-i-net.
And I would like recomend for all !

There is his bag...

Next piece was made twice.
It has made by the order from Oslo, Norway.
Also I have the same bag for testing and for
working with design.
But mine one is more red in shades of color.
The disign is no simple. This is colaboration with
weekender and briefcase and has Birkin inspiration.
We will see how it works later.

Summer will come true in 4 day.
I hope that we will have a good time.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

SIBERIA goes to NY


The first bag "SIBERIA" was created in 2007.
Was created two bags  SIBERIA-I and one SIBERIA-II.

Today I would like intertain the "SIBERIA-special edition"
It was made for gentleman from New York.

It has two compartments.

The SIBERIA-special edition is a set with two items.
There are case and key case.

The bag could be crumbled. It will reshape the form.
Two layers ot leather remember the shape of bag.
It contains only natural leather and metallic details.