Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Today I start doing wonderfull crocodile wallet
for Mr.J from New York.
Most expansive part of crocodile skin (chin part), baby calf for interior, "glove" stiching, red wine (ruby) color.
I sure it will be the great wallet.
Lets track produsing of the wallet...

Perfect Italian tanned crocodile is soft and wonderfull.

UPDATE February 4
Firstly I have make the interion of the wallet.

Every edges of the cardslot has burnished.
And every pocket has a linning made from very thin calf leather.
It calls "Yal" in russian. It is special leather for linning.

UPDATE February 7
The interior of the wallet is ready.

The US passport and passport of Russian Federation
have similar sizes :-)

It could be use like a passport cover.

Let me untroduce my special "glove stitching".
It loks like a double glove stithing on the front side. And it has look as normal stitching
on the inside.
This is stitching by hand.
And every stitch of this wallet is handmade

UPDATE February 10

wallet is finished.


  1. Igor,

    I notice you have a nice attention to detail. The photograph of the skin was slightly rotated, so you rotated the box exactly 2 degrees. You therefore make the scales in the box PERFECTLY horizontal to keep the wallet symmetrical and to keep the scales in a straight line. I hope that you keep the scales in an even straight line when you are making the wallet also!

  2. did the inside and outside colors get changed from burgundy to red? the wallet before (the inside) looked burgundy and now the wallet looks painted red. Can you post better quality photos of the final wallet. Thank you.

  3. It was mobile phone ptotos artefacts :-)
    The photos was reloaded.

  4. Sottry for mistakes :-)
    Of cause, photos were reloaded