Saturday, 31 October 2009

"La Nuit Arabie" North-West of Russia location

When I had see this buckle I didn't have any questions what I should make with it. It should be made in the night, deep night, deep blue night...

This order was given from Tatiana Kozlovskaya.
She is a style spesialist from Moscow .
Every time when I had meet with her I could meet also wonderfull wear style, top-noach shoes and elegance at all.
I had start making the belt for stylish lady
in the night October 30, 2009.
Materials: buckle from Tatiana,
blue baby calf "opoec" from Italy.
Majestic arabian-turkish-marocan inspired music, pretty arabian inspired fragranse Fumerie Turque by Serge Lutens and night with no sleepping alow me to have this belt today morning on my table.

Decorative stiching in one and in two lines.
Somewere the stiching goes to arabian geraldic lilly path.

Personal signature also has arabian influence.

Morning. The belt is ready to meet the owner.
Thanks for Tatiana for the interesting order.

Thursday, 29 October 2009


It happens. My FIRST auction IS finished. Borisdisco from Moskow is the winner. I am verry impressed his great desire to win. Also I surprised that Boris have the belt with engrave "IGOR SEM'ONOV".
My congratulations for Boris!

Monday, 26 October 2009


Attention please!
Auction has start on
If you are russian speaking, please welcome to registration.
There is carddholder/moneyclip from series "STILBON".
The word "Stilbon" means Mercury in ancient greek language.
It is cardholder number 5 from 10 items series.
It has made from combination croccodile and calf skin.
There are cards slot, exterior pocket, clip for banknotes.
The dead line of auction will be
October 29 at 11-00 P.M. (Moscow time)

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Lets do track execution about this unusual order. It is a "King size wallet" wich became the most popular order from my russian orderer. This wallet has a original parts. It is mobile phone cower inserted to interior and attachable key rings cover for three keys.
The sketches was firstly usualy

Materials: "bitter chocotate" grain calf, calf with linnen texture for interiors, magnetic clips for closures, my solid gold logo "I", burnished zipper with gold surfase.

This wallet don't have the cover yet. The inside part is ready to bring the stuff.

The detachabble key ring holder for several keys.

The riri ziper is roundly located. It works great .

Gold logo has configuration of romanian "1".
It says that you could see
only one example of this item.
I mean it is realy "exlusive". Does'n it?

The order produsing is finished. I could make only polishing of cover and metall parts and make the package before the orderer will get this wallet...


I start today as a blogger. I hope justify your interest about "IGOR SEM'ONOV ACCESSORIES WORKSHOP.
See you!