Saturday, 31 October 2009

"La Nuit Arabie" North-West of Russia location

When I had see this buckle I didn't have any questions what I should make with it. It should be made in the night, deep night, deep blue night...

This order was given from Tatiana Kozlovskaya.
She is a style spesialist from Moscow .
Every time when I had meet with her I could meet also wonderfull wear style, top-noach shoes and elegance at all.
I had start making the belt for stylish lady
in the night October 30, 2009.
Materials: buckle from Tatiana,
blue baby calf "opoec" from Italy.
Majestic arabian-turkish-marocan inspired music, pretty arabian inspired fragranse Fumerie Turque by Serge Lutens and night with no sleepping alow me to have this belt today morning on my table.

Decorative stiching in one and in two lines.
Somewere the stiching goes to arabian geraldic lilly path.

Personal signature also has arabian influence.

Morning. The belt is ready to meet the owner.
Thanks for Tatiana for the interesting order.


  1. Pretty work! Hello from Emirates

  2. Hello, Pauline
    How are you. What you are doing in Emirates?
    As I remember are you from Sweden?