Monday, 26 October 2009


Attention please!
Auction has start on
If you are russian speaking, please welcome to registration.
There is carddholder/moneyclip from series "STILBON".
The word "Stilbon" means Mercury in ancient greek language.
It is cardholder number 5 from 10 items series.
It has made from combination croccodile and calf skin.
There are cards slot, exterior pocket, clip for banknotes.
The dead line of auction will be
October 29 at 11-00 P.M. (Moscow time)


  1. Igor do you could make for me similar cardholder?
    Graham-J (you have my e-mail)

  2. I'm sorry I can't. I could make other cardholder with the similar construction.
    But it should be made with other design.