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In the Middle Ages the basic supplies of fabrics on Novgorod land was the Western Europe. Local masters decorated of fabrics by embroidery and by ambroidery with the river perls. The perls were born in local lake Ilmen. Each woman was engaged in embroidery and clothes repair for the family.

Texts of private correspondence have prove that at X-XII centuries there wereready-to-wear enterorises.

The most responcible work in embroidery business was given to a workshop wich located in the Khutynsky monastery.
It was in the Midle Ages and it has remaned today.
The seamstress in the monastery do ceremonial clothes for modern clerics today.
There are the clothes from XV-XVI centuries.
This dresses had belong to archbishop of Novgorod.

Together with clothes manufacture workshops carried out serious art orders.
This is the shroud "Position into a coffin" from midle of the XV century. It is known that about fifty sewmasters worked with it. The work had take about tree years...

Ancient artist represented that that they could see in real life.
Please look as interestingly the icon painter has dressed St.Daniel.

Obviously that artist saw such clothes at the fellow citizens.
But he had not to see the lions. It is the fact...

To be continued...
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