Friday, 6 November 2009


The size realy matters...If we are talking about
"The KING SIZE wallet"
Greet... The champion of half-year in a wallets
class according internal reiting of my workshop.

Champions prise,
champions set of matherials,
champions quantity artistic touches in one product.

It was made from croccodile skin, the most expencive part of a skin - a chin.
I made difficult shades of a color when the bright burgundy goes to smokee-lilac.
There is baby calf "opoec" with distressed effects for interior and for decorative details.

Of cause, the logo is made from Gold 14 Caratt.
And we have two roundly placed zippers
with gold surfase.
For initials I use "tatoo" effect.

Somebody D.M. becomes the owner of this wallet.
He will receive it as a present from his friend who has plased this order.

I sincerelly hope that the owner of the wallet will be happy with it.