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I live in Velikiy Novgorod.
First word "Velikiy" mens the Great.
The second word "Novgorod" means new city.
This is oldest "new" :-) city of Russian Federation
was found in 859.
And now we have 1150 historical years.
According historians the first russian democrathy was born here.
And olderer Ortodoxal Cathedral was found here too.
This is Saint Sophia Cathedral - the most important cultural object of my city.
I would like to offer small excursion to ancient times for a cognizance of consumption degree in Novgorod.
Let's begin historical walking from Cathedral St. Sophia

Great European finance were exchanged to Russian traditional goods. There were fur, leather and skins, honey, silver. Foreign dialers did supply Nogorod demand on fabrics,
vine, exotic goods e t.c.
Monetary units of many countries had free circulation. But Novgorod had own money.
This is Novgorod rouble XIV-XV centuries. It is a silver ingot wich could be devided into small parts. Very original method of exchanging.

It is boot from X-XV centuries.
A lot of shoetrees for footwear manufacturing been fonded.Technologies of shoemaking are similar to Venetian school. It seems like encient "Blake Papid"

These shoes look like mocassins.

Products made from leather were decorated with elaboration.Tere was a figure stamping and decorative embroidery and procutting of paterns.

It was realy ancient "Haute Couture"

Great money talks needs to have a nice wallets. It is the most oldest wallet from Novgorod Museum. It dates by X-XI centuries.

These are popular models of a wallet from X-XV centuries.

The holders were very important part of equipment.
Each item could have a holder - it is right from ancient times.

Belt buckles for exlusive belts.

There are actors masks from leather.
It should be so fun and stylish...
This some remain me "Friday 13th" movie... But I hope it was fun.

On the fragement of an icon (1467 year) you could see citizens of Novgorod witch are represented have a prayer.

It was the tradition to dress the best clothes for going to Church.
The clothes and shoes are so bright and luxury...
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