Sunday, 8 November 2009


SEM'ODAN is a new accessories line
If you would like you can see

This wallet is a second SEM'ODAN item.
The wallet is intended for creator of the word
"sem'odan"Andrey E. from
This is a gift for his creative.
The sentantion "SEM'ODAN EMOTION"
was created by Margo ( levretka).

The surfase of the wallet covered by multilayer
paiting for antiquing effect before krufting.
This process spends about two business day

SEM'ODAN , it is attempt to make the story about immemorial desire to find harmonious existence. The heritage of the Japanese fine art was initially cultural pretext of these subjects.
But having applied simple minimalistic style and doing a choice to refuse traditional Japanese symbols have disappered all thematical borders .
And now you can see what you fantasy
gives to you.
There are wind of steppes and sand of Asia and African desert and Mediterranean sun.

The main theme of the painting could be expressed by orderer.
It would be your name or letter or schematic lanscape.

Black and hot tan, hot orange, hot terracote...
warm, so warm palette.

Do you need some cold?...
Welcome to Japanese mountain lanscape

Photo by Andrey Nikolaev

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  1. beautiful wallet!

    Does the "history" been english translated?
    Wery interesting thread good picture.
    But I don't speeak russian.
    Please tranlate it