Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I would like to present a new product.
It is the Ladies' belt. But it is not a simple belt.
It's a variative belt, belt-riddle,belt-game.
The game with the name "SIBANDO"

You can choose any fashion, any form of dress-code, any season.
SIBANDO can offer to you a worthly variant.

It can be a narrow business belt with no a buckle and with no decorative element. In a second you could complicate it with Japanese buckle-crosspiece. And evening you would like suprematic emotion and your belt will arise "Black rectangle"

All will change tomorrow. Probably the belt like corset will be necessary for you. SIBANDO has this too.

Simplicity and laconicism of basic belts will get you to decide what would be necessary for you. And presence of additions will direct you imagination to realisation your most courageous plans .

It is the first belt on the World wich does not dictate you any conditions.
It make your decision with humiliti, embodies your desires and submissively serves only for you.

Author "SIBANDO" word - Margo A.
Designer - Igor Sem'onov

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